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Generation You with Catalin Matei

Apr 2, 2021

About the Guest:

Rupert Spira is an English studio potter and writer, famous for his carefully crafted minimalist bowls as well as his career as a spiritual writer and teacher, engaged in the practice and philosophy of Non-Duality, which is also called Advaita in Sanskrit. 

The main point of Non-Duality teaching is the belief that we are the souls who create the illusion that there is an outside world. In this sense, major aspects of the outside world and reality as we know it are considered non-existent and what remains is based purely on the intimacy of our inner experience and true self.

Spira explores the nature of human experiences and perceptions in his essays, books, videos, and lectures. He has published a couple of books related to his teaching as well as a few DVDs with interviews and lectures.

He also organizes regular spiritual meeting events, video conferences, and retreat gatherings dedicated to Non-Duality, and these events are held in the UK, Europe, and the US.

In this conversation we talked about:

  • How To Stop Identifying With Our Thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions
  • How To Identify Our True Nature and To Get A Better Understanding Of Yourself
  • How Can You Be The Best Version Of Yourself And Make The Highest And Biggest Contribution In The World
  • How We May Find Lasting Peace And Happiness?
  • What Is The Nature Of Reality And Our Relationship To It
  • How Should We Live In The World

Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 01:54 - How Would Rupert Describe Spirituality And Its Role? Why Is It Important?
  • 04:56 - Three Core Questions Our Society Are Looking For Answers
  • 07:45 - How Do Rupert See The World In This Moment? What's The Next Step Of Evolution For Mankind?
  • 13:00 - What Is Non-duality? How To Find Lasting Peace And Happiness?
  • 20:32 - We are Oneness - Rupert Explains How We All Are One
  • 24:07 - Experiment! What Are Some Practices People Can Start Doing To Bring Awareness Of Ourselves
  • 31:39 - The Power Identifying Our True Nature And Understanding Of Yourselves
  • 38:08 - Understanding of Who We Truly Are Releases Us From Suffering
  • 41:55 - What Is The Process Of Creation? What Is Our Power As Creators?
  • 49:45 - What Is Real Creativity?
  • 53:56 - How To Free Ourselves By Understanding The True Self
  • 57:14 - Conclusion - How And Where Can People Learn More About Rupert Spira And His Teachings