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Generation You with Catalin Matei

Aug 6, 2019

Robert Kiyosaki is the best-selling author of the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", one of the most well-known books in the sphere of personal development.
In our interview, he shared a few fundamental lessons that are going to help you in growing your financial situation.
Here are some of the key concepts discussed in this interview:
1. "We're going down. Crashes make the rich, richer." Learn more about the potential financial crisis and what one can do about it
2. "You must understand taxes; the rich don't pay taxes." If you're looking to build your wealth, chances are you are in some type of debt (student debt, etc), so one of the fundamental skills you need is a good accounting understanding.
3. "We're going down. Crashes make the rich, richer." Learn more about how to profit in the down market.
4. Robert Kiyosaki's message to young people: "Challenge what you've been taught."
5. "Most people should be employees". It's an interesting argument since being an "entrepreneur" requires (like any other action) a price. What is the price of working for yourself and are people willing to pay that price?
We had a very interesting conversation. Hope you enjoy it!
I'm also doing a GIVEAWAY with this interview. So just watch the interview, post your favorite takeaway from it on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, tagging Robert and me. We're going to pick 10 random answers and give away Robert's new book, "Fake" 
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