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Generation You with Catalin Matei

Mar 15, 2021

About the guest:

Patrick is a successful startup entrepreneur, CEO of PHP Agency, Inc., emerging author, and Creator of Valuetainment on Youtube. As a natural critical thinker, Patrick takes complex leadership, management, and entrepreneurial ideas and converts them into simple life lessons for today's and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

Patrick is passionate about shaping the next generation of leaders by teaching thought-provoking perspectives on entrepreneurship and disrupting the traditional approach to a career.

Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 02:00 - What are the problems that Patrick is currently facing
  • 03:56 - How to figure out your next moves
  • 08:57 - What are some growth tactics for good times and bad
  • 12:38 - How to build the right team in your company
  • 19:10 - Why is trust so important in growing fast
  • 22:40 - How is Patrick handling high-pressure environments
  • 25:23 - Patrick’s message to the world


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This book comes from the creator of Valuetainment, the #1 YouTube channel for entrepreneurs. It’s a practical and effective guide for thinking more clearly and achieving your most audacious business goals.

Both successful entrepreneurs and chess grandmasters have the vision to look at the pieces in front of them and anticipate their next five moves. In this book, Patrick Bet-David translates this skill into a valuation methodology that applies to high performers at all levels of business. Whether you feel like you’ve hit a wall, lost your fire, or are looking for innovative strategies to take your business to the next level, Your Next Five Moves has the answers.