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Generation You with Catalin Matei

Sep 7, 2020

Enjoy our new series of Superhuman – The New Normal where we challenge the status quo. Our first quest is Wim Hof, known as the Ice Man but so much more than that. The Wim Hof Method is composed of breathing techniques, ice bath, cold therapy, and techniques that can regulate your immune system and even your autonomic nervous system generating natural healing.

Your host, Catalin Matei welcomes you to charge yourself and be part of the new wave of superhumans where Wim Hof is a powerful role-model.

Extraordinary people, superhuman people are not out of the ordinary, they are a glimpse into the new normal. Natural abilities, natural healing powers are inside us, unexplored, not educated, letting us be a sheep in the crowd. Wim Hof comes and shows the opposite and involves science and scientists to test him and see that the new normal is not that far away. Anyone practicing the Wim Hof Method, any of them will see changes and can experiment on its own.

It’s time to create your reality. The invisible enemy such as Covid19 creating such a disaster in the world, the new COVID crisis that disrupted everything is a testament that it’s time to change the paradigm and start to transcend to a new normal, the future of humanity where we can be healthy and connected with nature.

As Wim Hof says it’s time to live from the heart because there is strength, natural healing, and happiness. We need to gain control over our happiness, health, and strength.

WE are part of nature. We are one. We can boost our immune system and become superhuman. Heal yourself in and out. Don’t worry. You have more power inside than you think.

This new documentary series is dedicated to you – the Superhuman, man or woman, who wants to surpass this mediocre reality where your strength is undermined and controlled by others.

It’s enough! You are not powerless. You are a Superhuman – the New Normal. With best wishes, Catalin Matei


  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 01:29 - Wim Hof - The SuperHuman
  • 05:43 - Matthijs Kox Experiment
  • 12:44 - SuperHuman Abilities Are The New Normal
  • 16:44 - How To Take Control Over The Uncontrollable
  • 23:02 - Why The World Is Upside Down And Who’s The Real Enemy
  • 27:15 - The Roadblock That's Keeping You Away From The Life You Want
  • 29:40 - How To Regulate Your Mood
  • 35:59 - How To Transcend Your Current Situation And Find Your Own Path
  • 43:23 - Wim Hof’s Special Message To The World
  • 46:50 - It’s Your Moment To Take Control Of Your Life

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